Kauli started in a treasure box.  It was the antidote to a problem many people encounter : when they discover something beautiful that they are not sure what to do with but know they must keep it.  For years, Kauli Co-Founder and Creative Director, Jared Jessup, curated these types of treasures, and in time certain pieces overflowed from the box of curiosities and found new creative purpose.

The cornerstone of Kauli is a very old and rare piece of bogolanfini, Malian mud cloth.  It neither belonged on a sofa as a blanket or on a wall as a hanging - it was something to be shared and used.  And then Kauli began - as a solution :: a medium to carry something unique and special on what we call in Swahili "Safari Njema", "The Good Journey".

Anza, a social business incubator, based in Moshi, Tanzania, believed in the product and were the first to invest in the company's start-up and to assist in setting up a business structure that put the people working at Kauli first without compromising the quality of our products.  The support of Anza and the early success of Kauli's opening release in Tanzania attracted the attention of Hooge Raedt Social Venture, B.V., an impact investor that has had a significant impact in industry sectors in Tanzania and Kenya.  In June of 2014, with HRSV as a new partner, Kauli official opened in Tanzania.


The Chagga tribe, who describe Kilimanjaro as their homeplace, call the mountain “Kilemakyaro”—“The Impossible Journey.”  But since then people have climbed it from every direction.  Kauli is our route, and we will use it to bring as many people as possible to the summit.

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