The Yoruba are the reknowned mythmakers of Nigeria - the interlink of their stories and traditions has endured the hundreds years weather to cast them as one of the most creative cultures on the continent and in the world.  Fashion plays an important role in their reputation.  Male and, more recently, female masters use vertical and horizontal looms to build cloths of complexity and style, and these cloths are some of the few to resist the influence of Western wear and to remain part of the Nigerian identity.


Yoruba fabrics are often considered with the same esteem as a bride might afford her wedding dress.  In fact aso oke cloths are commonly used as wedding garments for wealthy families in Yorubaland.  Narrow stripweaves are produced by master weavers and their apprentices on narrow-frame looms, and then floating motifs are applied by hand.  It is easy to see why the customized prestige cloths of the Yoruba people have been appreciated as a form of currency : each textile demands a remarkable amount of time from the designer, and futhermore, is a part of an evolving tradition that has been passed, master to student, for centuries.


The neighboring Hausa and Igbo weavers also produce remarkable collections of textiles that resemble the Yoruba style but retain certain notable distinctions.  At Kuali we include the colorful cloths of Nigeria as well as the variations from cultures inspired their excellence in our Rainy Season collections.

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