The goal of Kauli design is to merge elements of African culture, aesthetics and functionality into meaningful, beautiful, and usable products.


One of the richest sources of artistry in Africa is textiles : a continent-wide industry that has yielded some of the most impressive woven, dyed and printed fabric themes found in the world, sometimes using methods that are centuries old.  At Kauli we carefully source some of the most characteristic antique, vintage and contemporary pieces from North, East, South, West and Central Africa in order to build highly limited collections.


These releases are further divided by two categories: the Signature Series and the Select Series.  The Signature Series is composed of fabric selections that represent the core aesthetic of the brand within two seasonal release periods, “the rainy season” (Spring/Summer) and “the dry season" (Fall/Winter).  The Select Series is reserved for extremely rare fabrics, typically vintage and no larger than a blanket, and can only be purchased directly at our workshop in Moshi, Tanzania, or by special request, using an official distributor.


These folk fabrics, together with Tanzanian-produced leather, safari-grade canvas and customized brass hardware, play the lead role in the production of a high-quality accessory range.  Premium materials require premium craftsmanship - the highly trained staff at Kauli are committed to honoring the pieces we use with equally through equally thoughtful design and production.


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