The Kauli team teases : "The only thing more beautiful than Kauli bag is the lady who made it."  But there is truth in every joke : the people at Kauli are the most important part of Kauli - they deserve good jobs and good benefits.  As a socially responsible business, we are deeply committed to supporting the professional successes and personal satisfactions of our entire staff.


Kauli primarily cares for its people through the creation of formal employment opportunities, the provision of above-market salaries with individual and family health benefits, a stable and safe working environment and an artisan education program that begins with rigorous training and ends with technical excellence.  As the business grows, so will the opportunities for the Kauli staff to graduate to positions of higher responsibility and to gain assistance in launching their own enterprises.


  In the same spirit, the women at Kauli are equally committed to the art-craft of Kauli production.  Every product they create exhibits the skill of their hands and the charm of their personalities, and we are proud to display their work on shelves and shoulders around the world.


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